Monday, 26 November 2012

Best Dress Styles for Christmas 2013 Parties

Today is already 27th, Nov. Christmas is just around the corner! Have you get prepared for the Christmas. Of course you should. For girls, finding a decent Christmas dress is their first priority. They will be invited to all kinds of parties, fancy dresses will help present their character and elegance. To save you from the hair-pulling question - which dress styles are trendy, I have done the searching job and make a list, check them out.

Dress style list for Christmas 2013:

1. Sleek Sequins Dress (Gold)
2. Feminine Chiffon Dress
3. Drop Waist Dress form the 1920's and 30's
4. Strapless Gowns
5. Mini Dresses

The five dresses listed must be trendy for the the upcoming Christmas for they are are favorite of murmurous girls. What is more, you may have noticed that most of dress styles are in red and gold, because they are Christmas colors. Have a nice dress and have superb Christmas, girls!

Friday, 16 November 2012

3 Best Designed Wedding Dress for 2012-2013

Wedding day is literally the most memorable day of a bride’s life time. Every bride dreams to have one perfect dreamy wedding ever since they are still a girl. They start dreaming about it long before they are engaged. On that very day, all eyes will be on you. You deserve the best designed wedding dress to ensure that you look your best. Flawless wedding dresses must be gorgeous, elegant and most of all, fashion forward. You’d better take a good look at the 8 best designed wedding dress if you are about to have a wedding in year 2013 or in winter 2012.

Best Designed Venice Lace Tulle Wedding Dress for 2013
This perfectly designed Sabrina neck wedding dress is always a fine choice. The designer combined sequins, pearls as well as bugle beads harmoniously. The open back is complemented by the buttons. Here is the design sketch and the example photos.
wedding dress design sketch

  • Best Ball Bridal Gown Design

  • Best Mermaid Wedding Dress Design

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Church Wedding in Winter 2012

For those who love winter, they would like to held their wedding ceremony in winter. However, for those with strong religious beliefs, they don't necessarily hold the wedding ceremony at a church. Some of them may like a causal wedding, for instance, a beach wedding. Nowadays has witnessed a growing number of church weddings on matter if they have religious beliefs.

Mentioning the church wedding, you may recall the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. It is really a grand church wedding. This well known wedding was held in the most prestigious Westminster Abbey.
Inside Westminster Church

Not everyone have the chance to hold a wedding ceremony in the Westminster church, but they can have a church wedding in the nearby church. You will have a perfect church wedding if prepare adequately. 
Wedding Held in a Small Church
Looking forward to a beautiful church wedding? Then held one in this winter!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hot Political Nail Art for the U.S. Presidential Election

Lately, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are trying their best to get your vote. Maybe you do not care much about politics, however you do support one of them. Of course the most direct way is to vote for your ideal candidate. But that is far from enough, you can also state your standing by having some "political nail art".  As a matter of fact, images of American flag, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are popping up everywhere at the time being. Besides, political nail art is a good way to express yourself and at the same time, it beautifies your nails. Let's have a look at some impressive political nail art at first and then learn some easy-to make ones.
Fans of Barack Obama would be crazy about this

Where to buy the nail lacquers?

Designed by Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté
Packaging: 3 nail lacquers in a collectable make-up bag
Bo Blue - A shimmering sapphire blue
Victory White
Red-y To Win Red
Price: $40 $25
It is available on

Also for fans of Mitt Romney
If you do not take a stand, I got these for you
How to make it? See the tutorials and the tips, you will get that!

  • Painting the thin lines with a long, thing striping brush!
  • For glitzy look, use little rhinestones for the stars on the flag and a glitter top coat.
  • When painting the blue bit, just think of it as half a french manicure!
  • Do not skip the top coat. It will help make your designs look smooth and finished.
  • If you make a wonky red stripe, or one is wider than all the others, just touch it up with a bit of white polish.

Show your attitudes in one of the nail arts in this election year!
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